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Zimbabwe Albino Association

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The Zimbabwe Albino Association (ZIMAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating the stigma and its associated effects on individuals with albinism across all aspects of human life. ZIMAS aims to address the unique requirements of people with albinism by generating sufficient resources to either fulfill these needs directly or facilitate their access to essential services. Through advocacy, awareness campaigns, and empowering individuals with albinism, our objective is to eliminate the myths and misconceptions surrounding albinism and create an inclusive society.

Raising Awareness About Albinism

We work to eliminate stigma and discrimination faced by persons with albinism in Zimbabwe.

Advocating for Albinism Rights and Inclusion

As an organisation we are committed to championing the rights of individuals with albinism at a national level.

Empowering Self-Sustainability

Zimbabwe Albino Association aims to empower individuals with albinism, fostering their self-sustainability and independence

Psychosocial Support for Persons with Albinism

We provide essential emotional support to individuals with albinism and their parents/guardians.

Enhancing Healthcare for Persons with Albinism

We are dedicated to addressing the specific healthcare needs of individuals with albinism.

Expanding Educational Opportunities

We promote access to education for persons with albinism from primary to tertiary level.

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