Zimbabwe Albino Association

Small Livestock Production and Management Training for Youths with Albinism.

ZIMAS in partnership with CBM under the projecttitled Improving employment opportunities for youth with albinism through comprehensive low vision services facilitated for a small livestock production and management training for youths with albinism The training was conducted at Zvikomborero farm. The practical training was conducted by Russel Guchu, Mr Kativhu from Zvikomborero farm and Dr G. Tafirei the consultant who is a seasoned farmer, vet doctor and trainer of farmers. The training covered poultry [layers, broilers and indigenous chickens], piggery, fish farming, rabbit production, goat production and Apiary.

The training covered a tour of the farm’s livestock production units such as poultry which had over 3000 birds under battery cage system, fishpond with over 15 000 breams, pigs in a 10 sawyer unit and over 1000 goat production units coupled with presentations, question and answer session.

The training was very informative for youths with albinism. This was shown by the eagerness and willingness expressed by the youths to start their own livestock projects as they were being trained. Poultry, fish farming and rabbit production picked the interest of many youths as it is possible to undertake such projects in high density residential areas.

The training was conducted to equip youths with albinism with the skills necessary for them to undertake their own small livestock production projects once they are provided with the capital under the project mentioned above

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